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Business Russian Course is for those who want to improve business communication skills. In a short time we will help you carry out business correspondence, hold business negotiates, make reports and presentations. The course is developed for various levels (from Beginner right through to advanced).

Intensive Course in Russian as a foreign language is between 10 to 360 academic hours. Classes are held 5 times a week one-to-one or in group. The length of the course is from 1 week to 3 months.

You can choose:
- Light Intensive Course - 10 academic hours a week (1 lesson a day)
- Regular Intensive Course - 20 academic hours a week (2 lessons a day)
- Intensified Intensive Course - 30 academic hours a week (3 lessons a day)
- Full Immersion (Crush) Course: - you have classes with a teacher of our Linguistic Center 5 times a week (10-30 academic hours) then the teacher organizes walks around the city and excursions.

Intensive Course:

Remedial Russian Grammar Course

Business Russian Course

If you have never been to Saint Petersburg or would like to visit this wonderful city again, combining pleasure and the useful, then this program is for you!

We offer you an exclusive program of staying in Saint Petersburg which includes teaching Russian as a foreign language and organizing your leisure. We will also help you prepare for state tests in Russian as a foreign language.

The program is from one week to three months.

We work with individual tourists and small groups as well.

The program includes:
- classes of Russian as a foreign language (to choose from 10, 20, 30 academic hours a week)
- cultural program (excursions around the city and in museums, trips to the outskirts of Saint Petersburg).

The cultural program is made according to your wishes. You can also choose any number of lessons of Russian as a foreign language.

PROGRAM 'Invitation to Saint-Petersburg'

Basic Course in Russian as a foreign language is timed from 60 to 360 academic hours. Classes are held 2-5 times a week one-to-one or in group.

Basic Course :

The program is divided into three stages:

Russian in Saint-Petersburg

Welcome to Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language

in Language Center LINGVORU on Vasilyevsky Island

Institute of Foreign Languages!


Language Center offers you a wide range of programs of learning Russian as a foreign language responding to your level of Russian and according to your aims and interests.


Lessons are held at time suitable for you in our comfortable rooms in the historical city centre, at your place or in your office. You can study in a group or have one-to-one lessons. Corporate education is also possible.

The aim of our lessons is to help students overcome the language barrier and acquire communication skills in situations of everyday and business communication.

The Aim:

All courses of Russian as a foreign language in our Linguistic Center include all aspects: phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening. We will teach you to write literately, speak correctly and comprehend Russian speech. You will acquire communication skills in various situations, be able to understand your interlocutor easily and maintain conversation on any topic that interests you.

Highly-qualified experienced teachers who speak different European languages work in our Linguistic Center. While teaching Russian as a foreign language teachers of Linguistic Center apply contemporary methods and manuals. The program is developed taking your wishes into account.

After completing a course in Russian and taking final test you will be given Certificate of Language Center of Institute of Foreign Languages.

Институт иностранных языков на рынке образовательных услуг представлен с 1989 г. и имеет многолетний успешный опыт преподавания русского языка иностранцам.                                  


Remedial Russian Grammar Course will help you organize and improve your Russian grammar and spelling in a short time.